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The region


After the destruction of Vitry-en-Perthois by the armies of Charles V, Francois 1er decided in 1545 to rebuild a fortified towm, and therefore awards him his name, and his armor crowned salamander on a bed of embers. This is the Italian architect Marini that the city owes its plan chessboard, still preserved today.
The city, spared during WW1, crossed however difficult World War II and was destroyed to 90%. Many efforts made it possible to rebuild the city and restore its main monuments, which have regained all their splendor today, including the majestic Collegiate Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the door of the Bridge, or large buildings Poste and Caisse d'Epargne.

Leisure and Attraction


With its 4800 hectares, the Der Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Western Europe. Built in 1970 with a mission to regulate the water level of the Marne, this site has become part of the natural heritage of the region and is field Reserve National Hunting and Wild, welcoming every season dozens thousands of migrary birds, including many protected species, including cranes and eagles eagle.

The Lac du Der also offers a wide range of leisure oriented nature and relaxation: hiking, biking, water and motorboat activities, fishing, swimming. Six sandy beaches equipped for swimming are just a few minutes drive from Vitry-le-François. For nightlife, visit the Casino de Giffaumont, with its restaurant and evening entertainement.

The Champagne vineyards:

The hills of Vitry, which enjoy a central positionin the region, offering magnificent open landscapes alternating grassland, ponds, vineyards and crops. Located on the coast of Champagne, specifically in the wine-Perthois, thez are mostly planted with Chardonnay. The tourist route of Champagne from Vitry-le-François through the vineyards and villages of sixty kilometers. Among the must, the beautiful village of Saint-Amand-sur-Fion with its timbered houses,its mills and laundries, and its XIIth century church. In Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont in the heart of bocage Champagne, the Chateau de la Motte houses the Museum of the vine and wine.

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